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bannière cryptimage

Cryptimage is an open source software under the license GNU GPL v3 which purpose is to reproduce old analog TV encryption systems like "discret 11" (used between 1984 and 1995 by french TV network "canal plus") , "nagravision syster" (used between 1995 and 2010), "videocrypt" used by Sky TV and by several other broadcasters on astra satellites, and MAC-Eurocrypt.
This software allows to encrypt a video file (image and sound) , and allows also a decryption of an encrypted file, by meeting the standard discret11, nagravision syster, videocrypt and MAC-Eurocrypt.
Besides the ability to reproduce in a digital way these three encryption systems, its second use is to allow the re-use of hardware descramblers by injecting to them an encrypted video file produced by cryptimage.

It's a free software, under the license GNU GPL v3

current version : 1.8.2 , release date : 2024-04-17
see the changelog

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1. Screenshots

- Configuration panel for discret11
- Preview mode for discret11

2. Help file

docFrench help file PDF format : (1.47 Mb)

docEnglish help file PDF format : (1.42 Mb)

3. Download

Recommended method for windows :

-setupsetup.exe file contains the software, an embedded java virtual machine and help files (31.3 Mb)

Standalone jar java file (will work with a java virtual machine version 8 and greater) :

- universal version works with all operating systems (42.13 Mb)

4. Source code

- github

- Java source code (3515.38 Kb)

- Dependencies needed to compile the source code (38.23 Mb)